Shields Service   2502 Hermitage Way A Louisville,KY40242   (502) 426-7979
Shields Service
2502 Hermitage Way A
LouisvilleKY 40242
 (502) 426-7979

Reviews Of Shields Service

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Gina Gatti
Aug 19, 2017

I have taken my 17 year old 4-runner into Shields at least 3 times and I have had excellent service. I will continue to take "Old Betsy" to Shields for the next 17 years. Thank you for providing honest and affordable service!

Bob Bellucci
Jul 22, 2017

My wife had been a long time customer of ProAuto in Middletown, but no more. Shield's resolved issues PA had failed to find or skipped entirely. Very pleased with our recent work done by Shields !

Chris Boone
Jul 21, 2017

John and his son repaired a Toyota mini van for a refugee family from our church. They went out of their way to save money for this family and yet did an excellent job of repair. We can't thank them enough. There are too few businesspeople in this world who balance profit and doing the right thing for their customers. The Shields get it!!

Lori Dabney
May 03, 2017

Shields is the one service center I trust and feel completely comfortable servicing my car. I know nothing about cars but have a few friends who are very knowledgeable. They commented Shields and I have not be disappointed. After being told by a dealership that I needed thousands of dollars of work, they fixed my car at a fraction of the price.

Joshua Moll
May 01, 2017

Honest, Quality service

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